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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Piece!

Testing if I still have the edge in penciling overcrowded illustrations, it seems good to me so, drop a comment.
Will be inking this soon....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crude imitation!

 Tried to draw myself but it was an utter failure! ^^


 A one time deal with Cebu grown comics POPCORN. 

This was my story about a young amnesiac who has no knowledge about his past and where he got his gifts and the story revels around the uplifting the past and discover inner strength.


   This was study of mine when I was in college. Highlighting the details of each page and panels. I sketched it in a paper and used a tracing paper for immediate inking!

I tried a technique which I believe nobody ever used but somehow it worked out fine. Never got to finish it though.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

High School and College days!

This one of my favorite characters, the orochi spawn.
Iori Yagami of King of Fighters.

"K"  a clone of Kyu Kusanagi. A failed attempt to copy the kusanagi clans powers and bloodline to open the gates for Orochi.

 The Thing from Fantastic Four. I drew this for our team T-shirt  while I was with comcast as a support agent.
 A doodle of myself as supposedly a pyro  caster. I made a GIF of this sketch emmitting a flame but I checked that the GIF I will be uploading is not looping.
My Maplestory character is a BANDIT so I doodled it a little bit.

Risk Your Life, is an online massive multiplayer game.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"First tap of the inner prowess"

Thor study, I know the costume is a little bit different but I think it still looks great.

Inked it and when I scanned it, I noticed that the ink strokes are very visible.
This is  probably the time that I will need the help of Photoshop.
Please comment on this and hopefully you can give me tips or some great feedback. Rock on.... 
Will be uploading my works when I was in college and my next project is  ONE PIECE!  watch out for it!